Friday, 23 October 2015

Hillman Avenue to Hillman Avenue

Rob and I went on a R&D trip for our project which now has a title ‘Imagined Village’ to Jaywick Sands and more specifically Brooklands Estate which is the sister estate to Studd Hill yesterday, more will become apparent re: destination as the project evolves but I have attached a map which may help.

We were warmly welcomed by residents and we met a few of the local artist community at an event we gate crashed in the afternoon! From the Trenches to Tendring, again we were warmly welcomed, a project incorporating art and history a bit like ours. We met a poet, singer song writer and two visual artists all working together on the project and we even got to do a bit of art and contribute to their project Emoji

They were really interested to meet us and our project idea and we’re hoping to get some sort of cross collaborative project going within our project, but we also think it would be great to make a more regular connection with them.

Judith the poet was telling us how she’s been working with a photographer and she has previously run a project bringing artists and writers/poets together, pairing them off, the artist makes a piece of work which the writer then uses as the catalyst for a piece of writing… so this is something we’d like to look into and get off the ground maybe we can connect people via our Coffee & Culture mornings.

We came away feeling very inspired by a group of people living and working in an area that has been described as ‘the most deprived area of Britain

below is a slide show showing our first visit to Jaywick

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