Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Imagined Village (The Movie)

The Movie: Kind friends spent some time bringing the model to life. Film is an unknown area for me and bringing a still world to life like this is exciting. Models become transformed and the detail is highlighted. A world is created by magic.

Making the model it seemed all about constructing individual and different houses, windows extensions, guttering and loft conversions all seemed interesting. I even made a few cars and trees to make it more like a real community! The location shown by drawing out maps to represent a long lost place was a high priority. 

An imaginery place was alway intended, but somehow its no longer imaginery and the rather quickly sketched tiny figures really grab attention. While I was drawing them I had no idea that the focus or expectation from them would be so high. They feel to me like a next step for development in some way. It was if I was one of them walking around my own neighbourhood where I once lived and this was a flash back to an earlier time, or possibly a look at some future event. An unusual experience made by Nick Godsell and Al Reffall. 

                                              building a world in a few seconds 

So what next? Karens melting the houses as if to reconstruct their demise. I feel I have to pull the handbrake up and wait. Why? Because it doesn't feel validated. Karen clearly has no such hang ups and can enjoy exploring with materials and ideas. Me: things will have to wait.

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