Monday, 29 February 2016

The Village People

the drawn village people

The Village People:

I walked through my workshop this evening and saw these figures standing on the table exactly where I left them about two months ago!

The Imagined Villagers, 
I was going to take them down to the beach and try and make an animated video experimenting with styles an techniques. 
I wanted the sea moving in the background behind them
I was going to try and realise imagined characters from the origininal Hampton Community.
A working oyster and fishing community in the 1900's  
I wanted to see if they developed their own life stories.
Stories and feed back from people who saw the video or saw the figures exhibited, moved them about, rearranged them.
I might have made some 'props' things to group together make scenes with, regroup with different items to generate new stories.

Adding to their lives and re-creating the community

I havn't got the time to do that now and things have moved on anyway.

the filtered village people
They would be giants, if they walked amongst the imagined village model of white houses.


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  2. Seems a shame that the people of Hampton villge have slipped through the crack in time again maybe you could re visit some time.

  3. Hi Pete, nice to see you on our blog.
    Yes they have slipped down a crack in time and it is a nice thought that they would soon climb back out and be seen.
    I often find it a peculiar going back to something after a while as the continuity seems disrupted.
    I dont know if Karen feels she could develop their imaginary stories. I wondered if you could develop their characters with more detailed faces? We can give them names and some kind of personal history.