Monday, 16 May 2016

The Guerilla Master Plan

The Guerrilla Master Plan !!!

So to explain briefly then:
The golf course in Herne Bay was sold off and a large redevelopment is now a taking place. After about three years of non use the golf course had become my country park where I walked my dog regularly and felt that I was walking  the grounds of some kind of retreat, getting away from the everyday hustle and bustle, listening to the birds and watching butterflies. Now the diggers and bulldozers are starting the groundworks for development plans drawn up by Quinn Estates.
Redrow Homes are to build a recreational and residential development there with a strap line of 'a sports hub'.

I took a walk over there and estimated that maybe 70%-80% (who knows how many? ) trees had been felled............. this gave me an idea!

I have drawn an alternative development plan to Quinn Estates. 
The main difference from Quinn Estates plan and my plan was that I started with the existing trees and designed a new community around the trees that were already there. I used old aerial photos to map the approximate positions for the trees when it was still a golf course and made my Guerrilla Master Plan.

The Guerrilla Master Plan

Other differences might be that mine has a Arts and Heritage Centre, a Health Centre with medical gardens. A School which has livestock, shops, a pub and something I have labelled as an Exchange and Recycling Centre? A place where no money is required and exchange and upcycling is the rule here. I won't have nearly as many houses as required and other flaws contravening the agreed planning specifications required by the local authority, but hey ho this is me just wondering what communities might need. Its a little like playing with a dolls house when young. Moving things around and placing things where you think they should go. I have a park with perimeter cycle paths and I tried to place many houses so that their gardens were 360 degrees around the property. This is something I noticed that really struck me about the community in Dungeness the feeling of space that generated.

I don't know if people would encouraged to grow their own vegetables with properties like that, with a residents gardening association distributing produce over the entire estate, or would it just create more room for, broken plastic chairs, mattresses, flocked sofas and Range Rovers without wheels, propped up on bricks?

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