Sunday, 13 December 2015

Inside - Out

I like to make Inside-Out art [installations] exploring things out of their normal context, so I used some wallpaper to make little Inside-Out houses, inspired by Hundertwasser’s wonderfully colourful art and architecture...

 although there is a shift in the way our towns and cities are being re-imagined we are still way behind  Hundertwasser’s visionary architecture, which incorporated trees and his art often features faces so I thought I would photograph them in in the garden with a huge head overseeing them.

I am loving working on this inspiring project which is encouraging me to look at things in different ways, to explore different mediums and techniques like this little slide show of Silhouette Houses.


  1. Rob and Karen I look forward to seeing the progress on this... Exciting...

  2. Hi Marion,
    Thanks for looking in and seeing what we have been up to, I hope to put up a video in few days or so, that a couple of of members from the CT6 arts group have generously given their time to make for us. I am really looking forward to seeing that, as they took the camera along each street.