Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Fim Crew arrive.

A flurry of activity around the Imagined Village this week. A project logo designed and the arrival in the post of some small plastic figures labled as 'train figures'. I was going to populate the village with these small figures but they were way too small and they looked all wrong. Not the right style and looked out of place and we had arranged for a video photo shoot the following day.

Train People arrived in the post
These figures are interesting when you begin examining them they are about 20mm tall. I thought that may have been designed decades ago and never modernised. It was hard to place as they look old fashioned in a 1960's way, and modern in a 1980's way?  

Train People arrived in the post

It was easy to copy these small figures and made them out of card about twice the size they were. They were about the right size for our Imagined Village now at about 35-40mm. I placed them in the model as a test before the Film Crew arrived!
This second layer of interpretation blurred their identieties even more and placed them outside of time estimates.
paper train people made at the right size

The Film Crew; two good friends of ours, Al and Nick from CT6 Arts who generous with their time videoed the village, travelling through its streets and capturing the feel of the neighbourhood. I had not thought I would dwell on people for this model, but during the filming it became apparant that they were central and it was unexpected how important they would become. We have not seen the film yet but it will soon appear on this blog.

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